Why I Created BLACK IN TIME by Hugh Gaddy

Why I Created BLACK IN TIME by Hugh Gaddy

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Picture 1As I begin each work day, I can look at the photographs  that hang above my desk and see generations of wisdom in the face of the enslaved African, the stern, watchful eyes of  Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Frederick Douglass’ imposing dignity, that moment of connection  forged by a single handshake between Malcolm and Martin, the quiet, yet resolute defiance of Rosa Parks and Jesus with the elders (all of whom look like me), sitting at the table for the last supper.

These defining images (and others) occupy an almost spiritual atmosphere from which I draw inspiration and focus on a  daily basis. I’m compelled to make proud, my African and Black American ancestors. I’m infused with their spirit and humbled by the legacy of greatness they have bequeathed to me.

As Black Americans we stand upon the shoulders of men and women whose experience in this country was unlike that any other ethnic group. They were kidnapped from their homeland, enslaved, tortured, terrorized and murdered — all in the name of White Supremacy. Yet, the strength and power of the Black spirit endured and prevailed. Black in Time - Building 4

It is because of my profound admiration for OUR TRIUMPHS  and  GENUINE LOVE for OUR HISTORY and THE PEOPLE IT PRODUCED, I created  the BLACK IN TIME ENTERPRISES RESOURCE ONLINE CENTER — adding the mantra: “Celebrating Who We Are By Honoring Who We Were.”

I strongly believe that Black people have a responsibility and obligation to continue the legacy of greatness we’ve inherited. We do that by creating positive, unique stories within our own lives. I say everyday that In order for Black History To Live, We Must Continue To Breathe Life Into It –that’s the message we need to give our children.

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