Who Is Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino?

Who Is Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino?

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Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.D. is an apostolic theologian, Bible scholar, women’s advocate, cultural analyst, university chancellor, and Apostle, Apostolic Founder, and Visionary for Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries. A graduate of Apostolic University in Philosophy, Theology, Divinity, and Religion/Comparative Religion, Apostle Dr. Lee Ann’s practical approaches to preaching, spiritual matters, and Scripture study have reached masses with the Gospel of God and of Jesus Christ.

leeannpurple2Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino was born into a Roman Catholic family and remained Roman Catholic until she was seventeen years old.  Upon her voluntary excommunication from the world’s largest religious church, Apostle was born again in 1999 at Living Water Faith Fellowship in Oneonta, New York.  She has been in ministry since 1998 and founded Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries in 2004.  She was ordained as a pastor in 2002 and as an apostle in 2010.

Apostle’s fellowship encompasses twenty churches and ministries worldwide, and thousands of friends.  In covering, her emphasis is on the unique development of each leader to become all God has for them to be in their specific gifting and ministries.  She has preached and taught throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and in Europe.  Affectionately nicknamed “the Spitfire,” “the Nuclear Bomb of God,” and “a Pit Bull With Lipstick,” she is best-known for her work in the apostolic, educational efforts, to educate the Body of Christ, her instruction for church leaders, and her work in women’s ministry, especially through her women’s ministry division, Women of Power International. She was honored to be named Woman of the Year 2012 by H.I.S. Heart Scribe Inspirations Magazine, and a 2012 and 2013 recipient of the Certificate of Global Evangelism by Shepherds Without Borders Lighthouse Bugle Ministries, one of only five women selected in 2012 and one of the most nominated candidates in 2013.  In May 2013, she was named Mother of the Year by Shepherds Without Borders Lighthouse Bugle Ministries, as awarded by Bishop Steven Liberty.

As Chancellor of Apostolic University, her teachings in the apostolic, Bible study courses, Scripture studies, textbooks, and educational materials on many issues of faith, ethics, morals, theology, philosophy, and occult studies have reached individuals in over fifty countries. She has been featured in Divine Inspirations Magazine, H.I.S. Heart Scribe Inspirations Magazine, Power For Today Magazine, and Women of Power Magazine, and as a guest on numerous radio programs, including Women On The Move in Ministry Radio with Apostle Elise Thompson, Roman Midnight Music CD & DVD Reviews with Aaron Joy, and PWICU Radio with Prophetess Tabitha Vinson.

Her work, “Turning The World Upside Down: The Social Call Of The Apostolic” was included in the first-ever five-volume apostolic anthology, Aligning With the Apostolic, edited by Dr. Bruce Cook and published by Kingdom House Publishing in 2013. She was also honored to write the forward for Aaron Joy’s Into Da Bright: Poetry Inspired And In Tribute To The Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj, providing a unique Christian expression for a non-Christian poetry publication in 2013.  Having written over twenty books, including Compassionate Care: Healing For The Soul With HIV/AIDS (Joshua Tree Publishing, 2011), Surrounded By So Great A Cloud Of Witnesses: A Devotional Study Of Women Who Revolutionized Church History (Righteous Pen Publications, 2013), and multiple study guides, editor-in-chief of Power For Today Magazine and Women Of Power Magazine, and host of the Power For Today radio and television programs, Apostle Marino serves as a blessed and powerful preacher and teacher to the Body of Christ and beyond.  In these last days, Apostle sets her sights on God and Christ and teaching His people throughout the tumult of these times by providing solid Christian teaching, that all might understand Scripture and the powerful role salvation can and should play in all our lives. Apostle is also a designer for Rose of Sharon Creations and CEO/Editor-in-Chief for Righteous Pen Publications and Righteous Pen Media. Her main website is www.powerfortoday.org.

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