Was Never a Childhood Dream by Horace Christian, Jr.

Was Never a Childhood Dream by Horace Christian, Jr.

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Horace Christian, Jr. imageSince I’m not an animator and not an official author, I don’t write often…only scripts and story ideas. I do want to share something that’s been on my heart for the last few weeks.

When I was growing up I didn’t daydream about being animator and making cartoons. I always watched cartoons on TV all the time, but actually creating my own was never a “childhood dream” of mine. When God moved on me to work with Him on Dex Davis, I didn’t have any experience as an animator or writer. After much fear, doubt, worry, prayer and repentance (from being scared, doubtful and worrying), God taught me how to animate and write the series….and I’m still learning.

In the bible, every time God wanted to do start a movement that would affect His people, He always called ONE person…it always started with ONE man. He put a burden on that ONE person, and then eventually it would spread out to affect the masses…and affect history. God used Abraham, Moses, Gideon, Samson, each of the Judges, Jesus, Paul…and now he’s using us! To make a long story short, God works through His people to change the world and build the Kingdom of God…one soul at a time. It’s up to us to volunteer and accept that calling and allow God to prepare and shape us so He can do incredible things “through” us. God’s will is going to be done…but He gives each of us a chance to get in on it and go on that roller coaster ride. It all boils down to our free will…our choice! We have to choose to obey God’s call…not just in the beginning of the mission, but all the way through to the end of the ride.

Each of us has a purpose and calling that God has for us, but He’s not going to bully and force us to do it. Yes, the Lord is loving and gives us many chances, but it’s still up to us to volunteer and let God use us. I’m learning that my “YES” is powerful. Even though I don’t know all the details about what, how, when, and why its all going to happen…I still have to “be in it to win it” and trust Jesus for everything in my life. It might hurt sometimes, but the best thing we can do is say Yes to Jesus…and hop in that roller coaster, buckle up and get ready for the ride!

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