The Women are coming The Women are coming Part III – by Tabitha Vinson

The Women are coming The Women are coming Part III – by Tabitha Vinson

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Women of like minds, similar wants and desires and overall purpose attract and intentionally become focused like any organizational gatherings of intended purposes. It’s more than marketing your cause that attracts new enthusiastic supporters. It’s a vibration alliance. We all emit, and as a matter of scientific fact, all things emit a vibration, however, it’s more evident and measurable in human lives.

Women Coming Part IIITabitha Vinson has and is inspired to speak out through PWICU as a reporter. Featured guests such as Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino, the modern day Joan of Arc, Dr. Aminata Njeri who excels in African American studies and leadership, Tyora Moody, author and social media expert have been drawn together as powerfully focused women and offering up their selves as deliberate creators to spread their gospel message of The Women are Coming!

Another of like mindedness has recently manifested her desires to become part of the upcoming meeting in NYC. Gigi Guizado may not be able to leap those tall New York City buildings in a single bound but her super powers as a Christian actress will portray a presence of women power through dramatic presentations using her gift of actress presentations in a unique and different way.

The cast of diversified professionals that have been drawn together will make history in sharing insights of the women in scriptures versus the woman of today. The questions and answers that were raised throughout millennia of woman’s intended purpose, from divinity to day to day modern living are going to be addressed. The alluring beauty and the super powers of sex within the pages of scripture, is it myth or fact? Did Eve deceive or was it the beginning of suppression, fabricated by writers tampering?

The women are rising up in society similar to political inspiration competitors with an ever increasing possibility for the first woman president of the USA. Will that become a breakthrough or heartbreak for women? Some say, “When Hell Freezes Over!” Those uninformed do not even know if there is a heaven or hell. Whatever your belief, where did you get it? From man who preached what he was told by preachers before him and teachings that were taught from preachers who were taught by preachers, with little attempt to think for themselves and more importantly, ask the right questions about their beliefs?

Did you choose your sex? Does your eternal soul, your non physical entity have choice of living an earthly experience? And if so, were you able to scope out the gender that you wanted to experience this time around? If we were given free moral agency by our creator to become at one and be powerful creators as noted in scripture, why haven’t we heard the true gospel about those subjects by our asking and it shall be given?

Somewhere in time, as tempting as it is to be control obsessed, did the writers of scripture tamper with the word to hold captive the subjects under rule of biblical fear if you don’t adhere? If you have wondered, speculated, asked for spiritual wisdom, did the truth become revealed to you in fuller measure? Could these women have the fuller understanding and now for the first time, present it in a way that can reveal the truth that you are eager to understand?

As an audience grows and characters are drawn out of the dust of confusion into the light of love and fuller measure of understanding, it is our joy that we share with you. It is our peace that we care for you and your understanding. The daughters of God have arrived! Amen and Awomen!

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