The Women are coming The Women are coming Part II by Tabitha Vinson

The Women are coming The Women are coming Part II by Tabitha Vinson

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Sometimes in life, circumstances are presented in close proximity to what you were and are desiring and the thought processes of your actions seem to be in order and people call that success. Special people are drawn to your position or way of thinking or you are drawn to theirs. In ancient history, this attraction knowledge was known to the thinkers of the day and good or bad or indifferent in how they applied this attraction knowledge and understanding, they were powerful shapers of their culture.

We as a people are born into our time and space with a purpose of being deliberate creators and the Universe is dependent on our diversities and desires and wants. Our creator intended this for both female and male. In the alphabetical scope of our usage in the English language, female comes before male, yet when referencing genders, male usually comes first. It’s just a little observation of insignificance really but it kind of puts things into perspective of how overall, women have been submissive orientated in scriptures. Oh dear, is that what it says?

Avon by the Sea is an enchanted community along the Jersey shore and as Tabitha Vinson, reporter for PWICU, an Internet news nose knows, the messages she attracts and brings to the listeners are inspirational, emotional, educational and uplifting. In Part I of this story Tabitha, Tyora Moody a known author and social media expert and Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino a modern day Joan of Arc known for focusing on women in biblical history were brought together in unusual circumstances. Since that visit Dr. Aminata Njeri who specializes in African American Studies and Leadership has been drawn into the attraction of what humble minds recognize is not totally of their doing.

The physical life explained by the revealing of long time studies about the human bodies and the subtle selection of gender is miracle material. These women who have inner connections with their own bodies and who have been immersed in their own sought after simple understanding of woman and women in scriptures is for a purpose. The reason for their growing numbers is selectively clear to them however with their wisdom they also have unknowingly connected with their source energies subtle revealing that perhaps so called ‘man’ has conceitedly created within the written word, some discrepancies.

Truth can blind or reveal and the ultimate truth sets you free. Bible scholars who feel that the written word is infallible have denied themselves of their own gut feelings which sickens them at times with frustrations of their years and lifetimes of studies when another snippet has been revealed, from the very scriptures that they thought they knew about the good news. In other words, a belief that was shattered by the very words they studied, coupled with a fuller understanding of what they were asking to be revealed.

Where two or three are gathered in seeking the truth, that then is the power of these special women who are coming together.  Not to be lording over others with some crypt found secret messages trying to sway minds to capture an audience but to spread a message to woman that their equality in creation and creativity is depended upon.

This may add some confusion at their meeting in New York City before clarity is recognized but the fuller message that is being revealed here is that this truth has always been there for the seeking. Ask and you shall receive seems too simple and the understanding of all the mystery can in time, not women and men’s times, but revealed in the creator’s time and could this be the time and space, right here and right now that the women are coming, coming to a fuller understanding?

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