The Women are Coming the Women are Coming Part 1 by Tabitha Vinson

The Women are Coming the Women are Coming Part 1 by Tabitha Vinson

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Avon by the Sea is an enchanted community along the Jersey shore and as Tabitha Vinson, reporter for PWICU, an Internet news nose know, the messages she attracts and brings to the listeners must be inspirational, emotional, educational and uplifting. Her never ending quest and desire to inspire draws those of like mindedness together. You know, like birds of a feather that flock together.

The phone began its early ringing, there are articles that need to be read, emails to scan and blog posts that required her attention yet one email stood out from all the rest. It was as a halo enveloped its subject line though it wasn’t highlighted or made bold. Tabitha had a schedule to keep and would get back to that email before lunch, so she thought.

A feeling of loss and despair crept up from her gut as she was of no value, no focus or desire to move forward in her days events. Her minds eye or gut feeling kept focusing on a simple subject line that seem to appear as pasted decals on her frameless glasses like a hologram but nothing was visible. Using a window type eyeglass cleaner and a paper towel while in the restroom couldn’t remove the image. With glasses removed the vision was floating everywhere she looked.

Tabitha’s annoyance of a clumsy glitch in her brain that was rendering herself useless at a time when she herself was floating in an overloaded schedule drug her back to her computer. “Does your maker shun women?” The subject line now begins to pulsate as the mouse curser clicks on the email. Who sent it and in what context was its meaning? There is no letting go now. A gauntlet was thrown down and the sender was Tyora Moody a known author and social media expert.

The text body of the email quoted scriptures and the demand to seek out the truth was Tyora’s aim, quoting scriptures about men and women in the Bible. Was there tampering with scripture and who would dare go against the Word that warned about tampering. So it was, line upon line, precept upon precept that caused the hair to bristle. A name of another known name was mentioned within the text body and it was the well respected Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino who has been likened to a modern day Joan of Arc that is known for focusing on women in biblical history.

The email was a personal invitation by Tyora for Tabitha to join both her and Dr. Marino in a meeting of great importance. The subject line softened and the vision abated as she read the next paragraph. A phone number was listed to call. No intention was to call by Tabitha at that moment, or if at all. The clarity of her routine was becoming vibrant again.  As she picked up the phone to call her first interview, Tabitha was annoyed at not having a dial tone.

“Hello, excuse me, who’s on the line,” Tabitha queried, not knowing what else to do? A quick hang up and a pick up and still no dial tone but this time a voice was on the phone asking who was on the phone. Another voice butted in, “how can I help you?” Three voices asking each other why they called. The phone never rang yet three individuals were drawn to their phones and waiting for the others to introduce themselves first.

Being a people person, Tabitha introduced herself as Tabitha Vinson, reporter for PWICU. One of the other voices spoke up and introduced herself as Tyora. The other identified herself as Dr. Marino and then there was silence. Their minds were being adjusted as to the disbelief of what was happening. An email requesting a meeting, only half hearted thoughts of getting together and then a call that none made yet were compelled to pick up the phone to an already mystery connection that linked them together, regardless of their half hearted intentions, or not.

What was going on? It was Tabitha who simply asked, “When can we meet, this is divine intervention or a paranormal event making sure we connect and for a reason.” Tyora explained that she received her own email that she didn’t remember writing and thought her email was being spammed or whatever you call it. Dr. Marino knew it was inspired. Her studies of the history of women in the Bible was now being magnified beyond her humble abilities.

For Tabitha, another clarity was being processed.  “The women are coming, the women are coming to my studio.” She gave them the address and told them that the next morning at 11 wouldn’t interfere with their schedules. She matter of fact told them, not knowing why she was being so bold. Tyora confirmed that her schedule was open and Dr. Marino agreed as well. What urgency and what powers were subtly drawing these women together and for what purpose? to be continued……..

(c) 2014 Tabitha Vinson.  All rights reserved.


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