The Women Are Coming – the Conclusion! by Tabitha Vinson

The Women Are Coming – the Conclusion! by Tabitha Vinson

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By popular request, listeners and readers of a special work titled “The Women are Coming the Women are Coming”, are curious about the outcome of that meeting and their asking has become our desired pleasure in giving you inspirational details in fuller measure of that meeting.

Women Coming Conclusion

It was Tabitha Vinson that was and is inspired to speak out through PWICU as a reporter. Along with Apostle Dr. Lee Ann Marino, the modern day Joan of Arc, Dr. Aminata Njeri who excels in African American studies and leadership and Tyora Moody, author and social media expert, and Gigi Guizado the Christian actress, these diversified and powerfully focused women offered up themselves as deliberate creators to spread their gospel message of The Women are Coming at a recent seminar meeting in New York City.

The press were enthralled with interviews given on behalf of ‘The Women are Coming’ platform. They spoke with such inspired enthusiasm about the women of the bible and their equally important roles that were instrumental then and now in shaping our modern world. When pointedly asked about the near future including when they felt the second coming of man would be, they spoke out a warning to read scripture and know that no man knows the hour or day, but in those times, the first fruits that will reign on this earth for 1000 years with the coming of man, more and more will come to the knowledge of what they could not understand before then.

The simple will confound the mighty says scripture and they all laughed and looked at each other and said they hope to be accounted as simple on that day. Why were they feeling they were chosen if that was what they thought? We don’t profess to be chosen, we feel enlightened and coming together through circumstances that most don’t understand because they haven’t earnestly asked for simple understanding. As a specialist in speaking out on PWICU, others who heard her repetitive vibration pleas for simple understandings, Tabitha began attracting those who were of like mind and abilities to prepare and share their simple messages.

Those core lady’s who have attracted to themselves harmony on their subject, first had harmony with their source energy and the unique and wonderful and simplistic powers that source energy put in place that confounds the mighty. Thoughts do become things and it shouldn’t be that hard to understand. Electricity on the other hand is not understood and it could end a physical life. Through generated inquisitive thoughts, answers are made known. Many eureka moments are breakthroughs, not because they had the answers all the while, they simply figured out how to ask and the universe aligned with their asking energies and provided their answers.

There always has been a plan being worked out here below and we are all part of it because we have been given the ability to think and to reason. Somewhere along the line, human kind gave up on the reason and lost their harmony and togetherness in the way they think. Wrong and controlled thinking for selfish reasons began the erosion process and it was allowed to continue for a purpose and ultimate reason.

Seek and you shall find the mighty yet simplified ways to more understanding on your own personal level. When it becomes right for you, others will join in like minds to perpetuate understanding to others. The Women have always been here, it’s their understanding that is coming, and it’s their inspired message as deliberate creators to share their understanding.

Not the end but just the beginning. Think about that.

(c) 2014 Tabitha Vinson. All rights reserved.

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