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The Watchman

I am the watchman on the wall looking over the plains

Making sure my mindset is intact and I don’t insane.


Praying and seeking the guidance of my LORD

For I allow no negative spirit to disrupt this silver chord.


I remain silent and listen for HIS voice

As I have no time to waste so I need to make the best choice.


Destiny’s Child said, “I’m a survivor”

But I’m more than that, I’m a thriver.


I refuse to let spiritual wickedness in high places or negative people tear me down.

I’m determined to give them a migraine headache that will cause them to drown –


Within their own traps that they have set for me

They came to me one way, but in seven ways they had to flee.


Yes, I am the watchman on the wall looking over the plains.

Making sure my mindset is in tact and I don’t go insane.


(c) 2011 Tabitha Vinson.  All rights reserved.


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