The Path I Must Take: Ministering Effect

The Path I Must Take: Ministering Effect

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Changed-Your-DNA-242x300This past week was the premiere of PWICU Radio. The sixth season was kicked off by children’s book author Ayani Meli. Her books God Says the Struggle is Over and God Says…I’ve Changed Your D.N.A.! are written for and geared toward children with disabilities.

After the interview I began my workout regimen as I’m determined to be in the best physical shape possible. During this workout I started pondering on how many children don’t have the mobility to stretch or do any type of exercise like the rest of us. My heart ached at the thought as I remembered my own childhood. I remember playing double-dutchtag or even freeze tag; not to mention kickball and so many other street games with my friends.

After the workout, I reread the titles of Meli’s books and thanked God for letting me know my own struggle with weight is over because He changed my D.N.A.! It’s amazing how a simple children’s book title can have such a ministering effect.

In 2014 I will be posting new pictures. So stay tuned.

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