The I Am Foundation – Kimberly Grayson

The I Am Foundation – Kimberly Grayson

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Kim Red OutfitOne of the most significant changes in my life started when I was about eight years old.  It was the year I lost the heroin in my life, my mother. Although I was the youngest of four children I felt like an orphan.  My dad, who is my hero, did everything a dad is supposed to do, but still there was a void missing from the core of my being, which is why growing up I was determined to help as many people I could who were in similar situations.  The loss of a parent is very traumatic especially for a young child.  As we all know life throws you some curve balls and without the proper help and guidance only God knows where we would be today.

The solution came in 2005 when I formed The I AM Foundation and as you can surmise the focus is orphans. They are the ones who don’t have the luxury of any parents or family in the world.  Their voices are lost in the sea of adults and a system that pushes them through until they “age out”; the over-worked under paid social worker do all they can to monitor each case, but some slip through the cracks and unfortunately they’re met with circumstances in life at the hands of so called foster-parents or guardians whose sole purpose is to collect a check.

The I AM Foundation strives to have safe and qualified families and individuals to sponsor children throughout the year.  We understand that not everyone can adopt a child, but the donations we receive enables us to assist as many children as we can.

To date, The I AM Foundation has helped over 180 children with our services.  We’ve supplied school supplies, food, clothing, shelter, workshops, Birthday and Christmas gifts.

Upon reflection I can only smile and think how my mom would be proud of me. How I came full circle as I walked out my path of healing to create The I AM Foundation.

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