Spiritual Surgeon: Carolyn R. Owens

Spiritual Surgeon: Carolyn R. Owens

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Greetings everyone. In this segment you’re in for a wonderful treat.

PWICU is presented with an incredible opportunity to interview Carolyn R, Owens from Infinity Coaching. Carolyn is a retired Navy officer after serving our country for 24 years. She is a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Practioner and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practioner (ELI-MP).

During the surgery we get to delve into Carolyn’s world as she discuss self-sabotaging habits that women inflict on themselves; she shares a remarkable testimony about one of her clients having a major breakthrough; and how fear is actually a shadow with no power.

1. Understand your purpose and develop confidence
2. The different types of coaching style that may be right for you
3. Learn how laughter is a powerful weapon.
4. Learn the power of working with a Federal Career Coach.
5. Learn how to take COMMAND of your destiny, your decisions in difficult times and remain calm at the same time.

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