Spiritual Administrator Tabitha Vinson Collaborates In Strengthening Your Walk Devotional

Spiritual Administrator Tabitha Vinson Collaborates In Strengthening Your Walk Devotional

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Strengthening Your Walk: Devotional Releases in Time for Christmas

August 31, 2015 – When you put enough minds together with a common purpose, you can end up with something like the upcoming daily devotional “Strengthening Your Walk.” The devotional will be available in time for the holidays. As a holiday offering, it can be given as a gift to someone, or purchased to provide a self-soothing experience to make the holidays less harried and challenging. Published by Revolutionary Disciples Media, this book is targeted for young adults with material for both men and women.

The people responsible for the content of this collaborative volume include Tabitha Vinson, Carla Gaskins, Stacie Harris, Elise Peeples, Venus Griffin, Phyllis Smart, Bernice Loman, Tamika and Mark Avery, Robert Johnson, Teresa McKellar, Theresa Johnson and  Avani_Meli. Some of the contributors met at the first conference for Revolutionary Christian Literary Conference in 2012. Others have been divinely grafted into the Revolutionary Disciples Media family.  Many have also produced books of their own.

Each month the reader of this God-inspired devotional will experience a different writer.  This variety of writers bring different points of view and diverse life experiences, all from a divine standpoint.

Through the journey of using this devotional, the contributors are hoping that readers will find the strength to keep seeking and cultivating that intimate relationship with God as a Heavenly Father. As they work through the seasons of life, in the pages of this book they are anticipated to be able to find strength to get up and fight each day and know that they are not walking the walk unaccompanied nor unaided.
Preordering will be available soon and on December 1, “Strengthening Your Walk,” will enter the marketplace.

To order a copy of “Strengthening Your Walk: A Daily Devotional,” visit http://www.revolutionarydisciples.com.



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