Reach for Greatness by Gary Ward aka G-Blest

Reach for Greatness by Gary Ward aka G-Blest

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Reach for grImage 11eatness and be humbled by God’s grace.

Money is freedom but also a tool to bless and enrich others I find my self longing to break the vicious cycles of poverty and lack of education.

Today we are facing an identity crisis where positive originality is being attacked but the odd, weird and risky original forms are being celebrated. We are slaves to self and the need of acceptance but if we take a second and connect with the purpose maker our realities become investments into a spiritual end of eternal life and riches beyond the gates of Heaven. A gift is not a gift if you are the only one that drinks from that well.

Will you give a drink to your enemy if he is thirsty? Will you pour water in the hands of a father or mother who abandoned you? We are in a time were wicked desires are destroying Gods work. Right now I plead with this world hear the call of God’s love for you over the noise of your wrongs and hang ups of today because there will come a time we all have to answer for what we have done.

You existed you mattered you were born your life had purpose whether you wasted it or not.


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