PWICU presents its first “Spiritual Surgeon of the Year” Award

PWICU presents its first “Spiritual Surgeon of the Year” Award

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Prophetic Worship Intensive Christ Unit (PWICU) is pleased to announce its first ever presentation “Spiritual Surgeon of the Year” award. This is in tandem with the organization’s culture and objective of recognizing individuals who have shown unbridled achievements towards spreading spiritual medicine.

This year’s award goes to Patricia A. Thomas, a leading surgeon who has undoubtedly committed her talents, skills and attitude to helping and PWICU-_AWARD_2014-_PHOTO_2empowering others in the society in a bid to make a difference in the world.  PWICU recognizes not only her academic and professional qualifications, but also her efforts towards alleviating the plight of misconstruing certain aspects of Scripture in the Word of God.. While making the announcement, Tabitha Vinson, Founder of PWICU, noted that this was the organization’s “way of saying thank you to those who are authentic in their calling and effectively making an impact on many lives.” While acknowledging the award, Patricia A. Thomas expressed her gratitude and congratulated PWICU for “being used by God for His glory.”

This award highlights PWICU’s commitment to giving center stage to success-stories of individuals, as well as uplifting their personal and professional aspects of life. PWICU is an internet based TV and radio show whose sole objective is to nourish the spiritual needs of its audience. It caters for the women going through difficulties in their life due to deep-rooted injuries that leave their souls weak and in need. With clearly and objectively crafted shows, PWICU is able to provide a spiritual remedy to ease the hurt and anguish that reigns in most women.  To strike chord, this message of hope and internal inspiration is usually delivered by accomplished Spiritual Surgeons in, music, entrepreneurship, movie directors amongst others. With a current presence in more than 80 countries such as Canada, USA, China and Ghana amongst others, there is no doubt that the 2012 recognition for broadcasting excellence was well-deserved.

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