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Motivational speaker, author and cancer survivor Les Brown once said “Don’t look at the world economy, focus on your own personal economy.” As I’m pondering on that statement I reflect on the PWICU Radio broadcast that aired on Wednesday, January 6th. Normally my blogs are posted within a day or two of the show; however, I really had to marinate on the above quote in conjunction with the knowledge the two spiritual surgeons (I don’t use the term guest) shared with the listening audience.

First up was CEO, online development coach and profit engineer David Bullock (; co-author of Barack Obama’s Social Media Lessons for Business with Interactive Online Companion ( who shared with us what social media is and what its not; the rise if Web 3.0 and expounded on what co-author Brent Leary said regarding reputation management (a term I’ve never heard before until I read Barack, which by the way, is part of the prestigious Wharton School of Business curriculum – kudos to both authors), that proved to be extremely valuable to learn. I was amazed at David’s candidness as he expressed steps that the listener could take to promote their idea on the Internet through social media. Rest assured as the spiritual administrator (a phrase I use in lieu of host) I was taking copious notes.

The last half hour we had best selling author and Certified Public Tax Strategist Diane Kennedy. Yeap, you guessed it, the same Diane Kennedy who wrote the phenomenal Tax Loophole series. Now before I go any further let me say this, although Diane is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) not all CPA’s are tax strategist. I repeat not all CPA’s are tax strategist. I’ve read her books; receive her newsletters from USTaxaid ( and everything else that she has written.

Diane provided insight into the mind set of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), what’s in store for both individuals and businesses for 2010 and tax strategies that are effective when used in conjunction with the various types of business structures (e.g. S-corps, C-corps, LLCs, series LLCs and Land Trusts). She provided encouragement for those who were unemployed to utilize this time to learn about their entrepreneurial spirit.

Both David Bullock and Diane Kennedy reinforced this writer’s personal belief that anything is possible. All you need is a dream, the determination, the focus, the perseverance, the right people and a whole lot of faith to slay any Goliaths (obstacles) that are in your way. The interviews were truly an awesome experience.

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