Prison of Perversion

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by H. Ronald Roseboro

Harlotry, wine, and new wine enslave the heart. ~ Hosea 4:11

We are living in an era of immense freedom and social liberty. We have freedom of speech and press and enjoy the convenience of far reaching tools of social media such as; Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. The freedom of choice and decision is not only a valuable privilege it is also an honor. the determination and desire for freedom spawned heated wars, intense revolutions, violent revolts, and bloody uprisings. Freedom is not only worth having it is also worth dying for. From the Ivory Coast of Africa to the foot hills of Scotland to the shore of North America, the earth is saturated with the blood of the oppressors and the oppressed. the prophetic and immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. remind us of the blazing warfare for freedom, “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

As I meditate on this profound quote I note that a revolution or uprising for the cause of freedom is only necessary when a man is confronted with one or two realities:

1. He is free, yet a system is established to take away his freedom in exchange for

2. He is a slave to a system, but becomes “awaken” to the reality of freedom. Therefore, he radically opposes enslavement even if it means by violent blood shed.

How many men are truly free from a prison of perversion? How many men are enslaved by perversion, but have a determination and desire for freedom even if it means taking a radical approach to do so?

These are two questions that deserve an honest answer. As people we often analyze the container rather than the contents within the container. We are a society that becomes enamored by outward gifts, talents, physical appearances, achievements and toys of success rather than the heart. There are many men who live secret lives. There is a public life and a private life. Both are in complete contrast of the other, yet both lives are lived very passionately. You don’t have to fit the description of Governor Terry Sanford who misused tax payer’s money in South Carolina in a selfish effort to visit his mistress in Argentina. you don’t have to be a golf icon such as Tiger Woods who committed multiple counts of adultery. Nor do you have to have an enormous congregation like Pastor Ted Haggard who was exposed for having an adulterous homosexual affair which set his ministry and family ablaze in an inferno of shame and reproach. These are only small examples of a much larger picture.

As men I believe being called to the carpet of confrontation and character. We are being called out by God to confront and conquer ancient issues of childhood and young adulthood perversions that has us emotionally and spiritually imprisoned. There are many men who have twisted and perverted views of sexuality. This mindset in many instances is ancient and fortified. The perverted and distorted view of sexuality oftentimes gained entry into our lives as a youth. It may have entered in through stumbling upon pornographic magazines in your parents or friends home, or through youthful curiosity of pornographic movies. Perversion could have found an entry through overhearing the “big boy” conversation about sex in the locker room or through vile sexual partners and also by participating in strip clubs. For me, perversion gained entry through molestation as a child by two older boys. The ancient demonic and violating crime haunted the house of my mind for many years. it planted a seed of sexual perversion which remained in my soul (mind, will and emotions). I knew I wasn’t a homosexual. I had no sexual interest in men. Therefore, to prove myself that I was not homosexual I led a conquest to conquer women in the bedroom. With every conquest it became ‘evidence’ that I was not homosexual; however, lust is like placing money into a bag with a hole in the bottom. Lust can never be fulfilled. The violating incident planted a promiscuous seed into my soul and over time it grew into an fortified mentality of sexual perversion. When lust grows it will evolve into a full grown stronghold. Ancient history shows us that a stronghold is a fortified barrier that protects the perimeter of a city. It is a concrete wall that is thick, high and wide. A stronghold is designed to keep unwanted or potentially dangerous enemies out of its city. There are many men who look great outwardly. many are very artistic, articulate, anointed, intelligent and successful; however, there is a stronghold that surrounds their souls and it is difficult to penetrate. When sexual perversion is fed its appetite increases. When its appetite increases satisfying one woman will not do. More is required. The marriage bedroom that was once pure and clean with passionate sex quickly becomes pornographic and obscene. To protect the perverted city of our souls from being penetrated with; truth, accountability and deliverance, we oftentimes use lying as a clever war tool to further guard our unclean soul.

This is real talk. And its time for us to get real so that the impure city of our souls can be penetrated by truth. You maybe asking, “what truth?” The truth that is found in Acts 10:38 “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good an healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.” The truth is that it is God’s will for His sons to be free and to guard their freedom. It was never meant for us to be sentenced to life in a prison of perversion. Our wives, future wives and children are waiting for us to be emotionally and spiritually healed. Honesty is the prerequisite for deliverance. If we would come clean before God He will make us clean before others.

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