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Patricia Thomas To Interview Tabitha Vinson

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Patricia Thomas To Interview Tabitha Vinson

Patricia Thomas photoPatricia Thomas, author of God Reveals A Mystery! to interview Tabitha Vinson on the award winning platform PWICU Radio on October 30th at 7:00 PM EST. Patricia will delve into the world of Tabitha Vinson to discuss her experiences, her profession and point of views about her life as a motivational worshiper. This is an important event that people should not miss.

Tabitha Vinson is the founder and Spiritual Administrator to PWICU. She’s the host of the new TV show MoWo Moments slated to air on November 7th at 7:00 PM EST. Tabitha Vinson is the author and principle of Vinson Publishing and also the visionary of ForEver Word, the parent company to PWICU. ForEver Word is the artistic organization that carries the word of the Lord to life. This is done through conducting dance presentations, street skits, plays, film and seminars. Through this artistic platform she demonstrates actual events that transpire in the spirit realm.

PWICU, the call letters for Prophetic Worship Intensive Christ Unit™, is the recipient of the Women of Power award for “Excellence in Broadcasting”. Tabitha’s career and personal success has captured the attention of many. That is why Patricia, who was a previous guest on PWICU, has been motivated to talk with Tabitha and ask her some questions about that success. Everyone is invited and expected to come and participate in their discussion wherein the listeners will be able to get new ideas which can help them understand the field of work of Tabitha. Patricia is one of the spiritual surgeons of PWICU.Red & Black 1 small

It is expected that the public will be aware about the said interview which will be held the end of this month. As of now, Tabitha is busy in preparing everything for the interview.

As a motivational worshiper, she is willing to help anyone in building a strong relationship and faith to God.


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