KEEP GOING by Junior Stewart

KEEP GOING by Junior Stewart

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JuniorDon’t let fear control you.

Imagine, a young black man living in the east end of London, the same area where the Kray Brothers, East End gangsters had lived.  I was encouraged to go to university, I wasn’t an academic, all that fear that was inside me could have stopped me but a little voice in my head said KEEP GOING.

Now you might be thinking that it is easy for you to say but I’ve been exactly where you are now. At home, driving in your car or at work thinking how can I make this happen, something has to change. I don’t have no money there is no one to help me but I’ve been where you’ve been, seeing what you’ve seen. KEEP GOING.

I felt what you are feeling, I was in a job my eldest son at the time was only 10 months old, I had just found out that my wife was pregnant again and we were having another baby.  I was happy and excited; I remember telling my work colleague of the good news.  That same day in the afternoon, I was called into the office and my employment was terminated.

It took me hours to return back home, what will I say to my wife.  The pain was excruciating ‘as if’ someone had pushed a knife into my heart and twisted it, slowly. KEEP GOING.

My life was turned upside down I’ve been where you are and I remember going from job to job completely unstable.  This was during the time the Olympics was hosted in the UK I worked as a security guard during the Olympics just to earn money.  I had to leave my wife and son for days on end miles away, sleeping on the sofa of my mum’s house preparing to do a 12 hour shift.

During these times in the wilderness and storms I learnt to trust God to lean on Him.  He always said KEEP GOING he will always provide. I was discouraged, feeling defeated I’ve been there at my lowest.  I know exactly where you are and these were the times when I had found work, there were many times I was out of employment feeling useless.  KEEP GOING.

I’m telling you as someone who’s been through that journey in the past three years, walking in the wilderness, battered, beaten up, rejected. Fighting with my emotions, pride and anxiety, which are there to stop you from achieving your true purpose.

It wasn’t until I started studying the word of God, looking what Jesus had said. I was beginning to realise ‘who I am’ my true identity in Christ; my thinking changed. I began to renew my mind Romans 12:2… the battle is in the way you are thinking right now, this is preventing you from moving forward.

God has been faithful to me by fulfilling His purpose in my life. He will be faithful to you.



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