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BOOK REVIEW – God Reveals A Mystery!

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God Reveals A Mystery! by Patricia A. Thomas (iUniverse, $10.95, 9780595402212, 76 pages)

Evolution versus Creationism, an age old question answered from a fresh perspective by author Patricia A. Thomas.  A unique book that’s well written in plain and simple English that debunks the evolution theory and the so called ‘dinosaur’, a termed coined in 1842. That in and of itself places God Reveals A Mystery! in a category all by itself.

Thomas gives the reader insight to the true nature and origin of Satan and Lucifer; which, according to the author, has been erroneously taught for many centuries as being one and the same spirit. However, God Reveals A Mystery! provides concrete evidence by using rightly divided Scriptures to prove Satan and Lucifer are not. For those with a keen interest in spiritual warfare, God Reveals A Mystery! is an invaluable tool.

Although an easy read each page is layered with precept upon precept of knowledge and wisdom that can only come straight from the Throne Room.

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