Books Are A Business™ – Stephanie C. Harper

Books Are A Business™ – Stephanie C. Harper

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Everyone is talking about Publishing, but who’s telling you that Books Are A Business? Everywhere you look, you can find information on “how to get published”, and that’s great; but there are many published authors WHO ARE BROKE!  Trouble is, too many authors build their publishing dream on the traditional “sell book and get paid a royalty” model ignoring blaring statistics which state “There are well over 50,000 books published in the United States each year  – – and that’s JUST FICTION.   Of these, only about 20 books become best sellers. This means for an unknown author there is approximately a 1-in-2500 chance of becoming a best seller.  Did I mention those numbers apply to fiction books only? With that being said print on demand publishing is up 132%.

The truth is writing a book will thrust you into the world of entrepreneurship (or authorpreneurship, as I like to say!)  Not thinking on these terms until after the book is already written could be a huge mistake, because your big-picture revenue model can and should impact what you write about and how you write the book.

Book Publishing is an Art and a Business.  Book Publishing has a side B and the B = Business! It’s crucial to your success, to learn the B side of the book industry! As an author, you should be writing your book with the end result in mind, running a book business…not just selling books!  If you want to be successful in the book business, why not plan for it? Writing a book is much like opening a new business and it involves business activities such as marketing, advertising, profit and loss, expenses, key personnel and other related activities. Developing a written plan for your book, gives you a visual plan of success.

Yes, writing a book requires you to know and understand all of the above. Why? Because BOOKS ARE A BUSINESS™. Get ready to run a home-based business venture (regardless to how you publish).  Books require an investment of time, energy, resources and lots of volunteers. By definition (Webster’s) an entrepreneur is one who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise. As an entrepreneur you become the creator of your work life. When you write a book you are also making the decision to take control of your future. Initially, you may still work the “9 to 5 window”, but as your book prospers, you will need flexibility to keep up with the demands of your new business venture.

Congratulations on deciding to become an author and taking the steps to be successful. The choice to become an author is one of the most fulfilling choices one could make, but don’t forget at the end of the day….it’s all about the money, honey! Enjoy the journey!

Stephanie C. Harper, PHR, CCP, CHRM is a human resources professional by trade.  With 9 books to her credit, she is also a Career Expert, Speaker, Radio Host and Publisher of CAREER Magazine.


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