Being a Saint is a Choice by Apolonia Davalos

Being a Saint is a Choice by Apolonia Davalos

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TGB_5To become a saint is a choice. Every day I search for God in all things, always in a constant state of prayer. At work, in correspondence with others, or traveling to and fro, I’m having a conversation with God and thanking him for this moment, this experience, this person, or this day. Just as I am thanking him now for the opportunity to be introduced and contribute to the mission of PWICU Radio. There is power in prayer and I’ve learned that the intention of your prayer intimately informs you of the person that you are.  

When you ask yourself, “I AM _ (blank),” what is your answer? For me, I AM a willing disciple of Christ. For God is first in all things. How do I serve this call? Specifically for this interview, I’ll address my calling as an actor. In my humble opinion, being an actor is an act of service. It’s a major responsibility that many take for granted. Approached honestly, it is an actor’s duty to reveal the truths of life; the nature of humanity. Art is a universal language. Like sports, it’s a significant bridge for uniting countries, societies, and most importantly families, where other outlets may not be successful or deemed possible. As actors, we are also educators and avid learners.

Behind the scenes, we do so much research to accurately represent the spirit, accent, values, and foundation of the character. The preparation process is different for every performer. Then, we must embrace the courage to be publicly vulnerable; in other words, to be PRESENT. We are in service of the: truth, story, character, message, culture, and vision of the writer and director. For me, it’s a selfless pursuit. The first question I always ask myself is, “Am I serving the story?” If my craft inspires just one person, I know I’m honoring God. In so doing, I’ve been blessed to work with amazing talent and technical visionaries. As a result, I’ve grown as a performer and as a person!

The key ingredient is to LOVE what you do and LIVE YOUR DREAM! A profound example of the art’s relevant purpose is revealed via the production of “The Trojan Women,” by Euripides, by female Syrian refugees in Jordan this past December. When I read his works, I see evidence of his constant search for the causation of human behavior (and religion played a huge role in Ancient Greece). The Syrian women felt a strong similarity between Troy (during the Trojan War) and Syria today. Burdened by extreme loss and suffering in a foreign country, the play allowed them, put simply, to get some things off their chest, and together they began healing from their wounds. The experience inspired a new familial relationship among them. As the closing drew near, one woman said, “How will we go on through our lives without acting?” The Ancient Greek playwrights were spiritual and intellectual healers of their society. We need the arts today now more than ever. It’s not an easy profession to pursue, but it’s worth the climb! “The Good Book” is my first faith-based film and my first SILENT feature. I have been introduced to a whole new film genre and form of cinema. God has truly answered my prayers! When we share our gifts we are honoring God. I pray for all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ to become saints! Spread the LOVE!!!

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