Ayani Meli

Ayani Meli

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About The Speaker

Writing is a ministry for me.  I am not a stand up in the pulpit and preach kind of preacher like my Dad.  But I can allow Abba to use my talents and gifts to heal hurting people.  If I have to use humor, poetry or illustrations, I will do just that.

There is a series of books for disabled children that Father has given me.  The series is “God Says…” The first in the series is “God Says the Struggle is Over” and the second is “God Says I’ve Changed Your DNA.”  There is also one currently being finalized entitled, “God Says Spaghetti is not Just for Monsters.”  The subject of which is fear. DOWNLOAD FULL BIO

Topics of interest:

  •  Writing: It’s Not Hard. Just Make it Good.
  •  Parenting: First Time Parenting after 45
  •  Mompreneur Startups on a Budget/Shoestring
  •  Research (Social Services): Finding that Needle in a Haystack
  •  Quality Assurance: What Keeps Everyone Happy?


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