About Us



PWICU stands for Prophetic Worship Intensive CHRIST Unit. We are the the spiritual hospital for the spiritually infirmed. Our award winning faith based Internet TV and radio show is here for the walking wounded. Focusing on the spiritual needs of women, we service those women who have injuries that leave a void in the soul. We have the spiritual medicine to cure and ease the symptoms of a deep hurt within.

Our show delivers the messages of spiritual surgeons who are Christian authors, Gospel recording artists, Christian entrepreneurs, Christian actors and actresses, Christian playwrights and movie directors.

We have viewers and listeners from 83 countries including Switzerland, Ghana, Canada, Brazil, and Vietnam. We have a growing following in China too which is very exciting to us.

PWICU is the winner of the 2012 Women of Power Award for Excellence in Broadcasting.

PWICU isn’t about preaching it’s about conversing. We help women change their perspectives, create and improve on relationships with themselves and others in their personal and professional lives. Our goal is to provide access to life change agents who bring spiritual wellness to our audience in every aspect of their lives. We seek to learn the principals of life’s journey in five areas of intelligence: financial, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.


About the Spiritual Administrator

Tabitha Vinson, the visionary behind PWICU, received her training as a volunteer camera person and was elevated to Director and Producer of several TV shows courtesy of Access Fort Wayne in Fort Wayne, IN.

She was voted 2013 Women of the Year by His Heart Scribes Inspirations, an international Christian magazine.


Thank you for visiting our website. PWICU is akin to a person going to a natural hospital to get better, but PWICU is on a different level. We’re not a medical hospital, but a parallel to one on the spiritual side of life.