A Woman’s Work Is Never Done Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino

A Woman’s Work Is Never Done Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino

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So often we’ve heard the words, “A woman’s work is never done” to describe the business of a woman’s life.  I can testify I feel many days as if my work is never done.  Sometimes the distribution of things seems so uneven, and life feels so stressful, I wonder what it would be like to just sit back and have nothing to do.

In looking at Christian women throughout history, their work was never Image 2done, either.  They fought against both personal and societal circumstances, and faced immeasurable odds.  They did not have much, if any, external support, and operated under persecution we cannot imagine.  Their success was not in their favor, but somehow, they persevered through and became history makers.  They were not intimidated by the amount of work they had to do or the immeasurability of the task – they did what they had to do, got it done, and left the rest with God.  It wasn’t about becoming famous or making history, but that’s exactly what happened – all because they trusted in Him enough to do whatever it was He prompted them to do.

I wonder if the women of days gone by felt like they couldn’t do what they knew they must.  Some of them had mentors, but many of them were on their own, trying to forge ahead.  They didn’t have any encouragement or positive reinforcement.  All they had was a hard-pressed, God-inspired vision and their determination.  If it was going to get done, they had to do it themselves.

Even though they worked with little assistance in their times, they certainly were not alone.  They had an entire cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1-2) cheering them on, encouraging them, standing with them in the faith, who had also paved the way for them to do what they were doing in their times.  No matter how lonely it may have felt, what needed to get done got done not just from the moment of idea inception, but from the beginning of time, as God’s other female saints paved the way.

What I realize these days – now more than I ever have before – is that our work as women of God is never done.  It will never be done until the time when Jesus returns.  There are so many lives for us to touch, impact, help, and work to heal.  There are so many ways for us to impact and effect those lives…and it makes me stand back and think to myself, I can’t do this all by myself!

I’m correct in that thought: I can’t do it all by myself.  I don’t have the resources or the physical capability.  But I can do it with everyone else.  As we work together to make a difference, we stop dividing ourselves into this cause and that cause.  God has called us to stand with the hurting, support the strong, proclaim the Word, and bring about change wherever we go.  Our job doesn’t begin and end in the pulpit.  Women in history often did as much – if not more – work outside of the pulpit than they did in the pulpit.  While pulpit ministry can be a part of it, we can all do something to make someone else’s life better in a tangible way.  We can reach out and listen.  We can offer what we do have and use our gifts and calling for God’s purpose.  We can advocate for another woman or encourage another woman in some way, doing something that will make her life better.  We Most importantly, we can support one another.  As we are all one body, everything every one of us is doing affects us all.  Even though God may not tell us to do the same exact thing as another, we can always reach out and love our fellow workers in the harvest.  This is especially important as women of the Gospel.  So many are against us; so we all need to be for one another.  In echoing the women of God of old down to more modern times, we need to see the cloud of witnesses alive and purposed, and we need to be a part of God’s living people as we work in our modern times.

Yes, it’s true…a woman in God’s work is never done.

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